Looker Studio Template

We provide an all-encompassing selection of reports in a single unified Looker Studio template based on best practices from hundreds of top brands and agencies. With this powerful, theme-based dashboard, you can analyze your data in just a few minutes.



The Analytics Essentials template on Looker Studio should exhaustively cover the needs of 90%+ of the brands out there. In case you want to customize them but are unable to do so autonomously, we provide a paid customization and dashboard-building service.


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Analytics Essentials Table of Contents

1. Overview
- DataHawk Workspace
- Tracked Products Report
- Dashboard Legend

2. Product
- Product Metrics
- Product Sales Ranks
- Product Search Ranks
- Buy Box Analytics
- Listing Quality Analysis
- Keyword Suggestion

3. Keyword
- Keywords Metrics
- Organic Products
- Sponsored Products

4. Advertising
- Advertising Overview
- Campaign Analytics
- Product Analysis

5. Sales
- Sales Performance
- Sales Localization
- Purchase Analysis
- FBA Returns Analytics

6. Finance
- Profit & Loss - Summary
- Profit & Loss - Detailed
- Profit & Loss - History

7. Traffic
- Page Views & Sessions
- Buy Box

8. Inventory
- Metrics - Latest
- Metrics - Historical

9. Feedback
- Feedback Form


Work in Progress

A dedicated and comprehensive article for the Analytics Essentials on Looker Studio template is underway. Check back again soon.


To access templates on Looker Studio, you need:

How to Access your Looker Studio Templates

  • You can request to access Looker Studio templates from the Report Templates page. Find the template you are interested in and click the request access button.
  • A preview message to request a dashboard will be prepared. Hit send to start the request.
  • A Hawker will reach out and share the dashboard.
  • You will also get an email invitation sent to your google email.

Dashboard Building Service and eCommerce Data Advisory

Our team of eCommerce experts and data analysts is available to assist with the creation of completely customized dashboards that are tailored to your business needs, processes, workflows, and preferred data visualization methods.

Our approach goes beyond simply creating charts and tables. We strive to understand your daily workflows and business challenges, drawing on our extensive experience supporting hundreds of brands and agencies. With this insight, we can help you build efficient solutions that empower you to accelerate growth and establish a competitive advantage.