Google BigQuery


BigQuery is an entirely serverless and cost-effective enterprise data warehouse. It has built-in machine learning and BI that works across clouds and scales with your data.

What we offer

Once connected to DataHawk, your BigQuery will contain all the data that we collect, refine and enrich in dedicated datasets and views ready to be used.

We take care of data refreshing for you, allowing you to concentrate solely on extracting valuable insights from it.


You can then plug your preferred visualization tool (like Looker) easily and start creating a powerful dashboard to help your day-to-day life.

Dashboard Building Service and eCommerce Data Advisory

Our team of eCommerce experts and data analysts are available to assist with the creation of completely customized dashboards that are tailored to your business needs, processes, workflows, and preferred data visualization methods.

Our approach goes beyond simply creating charts and tables. We strive to understand your daily workflows and business challenges, drawing on our extensive experience supporting hundreds of brands and agencies. With this insight, we can help you build efficient solutions that empower you to accelerate growth and establish a competitive advantage.