What are Insights?

Insights are proactive notifications that are based on automated data exploration. They are designed to notify you of significant findings or anomalies detected within your data and provide you with best practice recommendations on optimizing your business performance. They cover all business domains, such as your ads, products, sales, SEO performance, and market. Once you have connected your advertising and sales data, you will be ready to start receiving Insights.

Types of Insights

You can receive three types of Insights: Findings, Anomalies, and Good Practices.

Findings are business-savvy Insights that help you manage specific aspects of your business. They can include actionable recommendations that advise you on how to optimize the corresponding metric brought into question.

Anomalies are Insights that shed light on outliers in your data. They notify you of unexpected changes our software has detected within your data. To save you time on analysis, we monitor the evolution of various metrics to spot any irregularities.

Good Practices are a curated selection of eCommerce essentials that are ideal prerequisites to help you improve your business metrics. They are not based on your data but ensure you have basic industry knowledge that will help you get started.

Where to find Insights

  • Go to "Apps" located on the left-hand side navigation menu. If you are elsewhere in Apps, then click "Insights" which would appear on the left-hand side navigation menu.



You can also access Insights using the shortcut on the homepage.

How do I receive Insights?

DataHawk aims to provide you with Insights seamlessly. However, for some Insights, we need access to specific data. The table below sums up what you should get depending on how you set up your workspace.

PrerequisitesReview ineffective Sponsored Products Ad campaignsReview top-performing Sponsored Products Ad campaignsImprove your listings organicallyCompetitive products weekly digestFinance anomalyAds AnomaliesSEO AnomaliesMarket AnomaliesProduct Anomalies
Products tracked and set as "Owned"βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Ads account connectedβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Seller Central account connectedβœ…βœ…βœ…

How can I filter Insights?

You can use the filters selector in your Insights list to select specific properties to filter your insights by.

Sources properties:

  • Ads account(s)
  • Seller Central account(s)
  • Product
  • Marketplace

Insights properties:

  • Assignee
  • Practice
  • Event Date: filters Insights based on the day Anomalies and Findings occurred
  • Send Date: filters Insights based on the day on which the insight has been sent
  • Hide Closed: hides all Insights with statuses Done, Expected or No action needed

How can I collaborate on Insights?

The assignee and status fields allow you to easily collaborate with your team members by allowing you to assign Insights to your team members and allowing them to update status as and when required.

Once you receive new Insights, you can assign them to yourself or any other user in your workspace. It helps you visualize who handles a particular Insight. This makes it easier for you to work in teams, ensures accountability, and enables you to resolve Insights efficiently.

The status field allows you to track the progress of any Insight. All new Insights are set at β€œNew” status by default. This can be changed manually to any of the following statuses:

  • In Progress: Used to reflect that someone is taking care of the Insight.
  • Done: Used to reflect that the Insight has been implemented or taken care of.
  • Expected: Used to reflect that the recommendation within the Insight is expected.
  • No Action Needed: Used to reflect that this Insight was dismissed and that there's nothing else to do here.

Giving feedback

General feedback on Insights

Feel free to share your feedback by clicking the Submit feedback button at the top of the Insights module. You could also suggest new functionalities or Insights relevant to your business.
If it’s something you need, we’re keen to know more about it as it helps us provide you with more functionalities and better experiences.

Is this Insight helpful?

On each Insight page, you will see thumbs up/thumbs down icons that allow you to indicate whether the insight is helpful or not. Your feedback is important and helps us improve the quality of our recommendations.

Competitive Products Weekly Digest feedback

Within each Competitive Products Weekly Digest, you have the option to indicate whether the competitors shown are relevant or not. This helps us refine the quality of our recommendations.

Being notified about new Insights

You will receive a summary of new Insights via email every business day. If you prefer not to receive these emails, you can easily disable them by using the email toggle located at the top of your Insights list.