Adding a Walmart Keyword means tracking the first five pages' search results daily. It allows you to follow changes in key product organic search rank, product-sponsored page rank, and editorial recommendations.

What features are enabled when you add a Walmart Keyword?

Tools to Analyze a Keyword:

  • Organic Products
  • Reverse Ranking
  • Market Analysis
  • Keyword Generator
  • Metrics

Enhanced Reports:

  • Share of Voice
  • Tracked ASINs Keywords Ranks History
  • Keyword Research by ASIN

Raw Data Exports:

  • Tracked Keywords List
  • Single Keyword Search Results
  • Tracked Products Keywords Ranks
  • Keywords Search Results

How do I add a Walmart Keyword?

Learn how to add Walmart Keywords as Sources.

What data do we get when we track a Walmart Keyword?

For each keyword you track, DataHawk will provide a daily snapshot of these primary product attributes:

  • organic search rank
  • organic page rank
  • sponsored page rank
  • editorial recommendations

Each product will contain basic information such as:

  • title
  • price
  • stars rating
  • numbers of ratings, including reviews
  • A+ status
  • product image

You can access the complete data we process for each Walmart Keyword you track through destinations.

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