Supported Destinations

When you enable Connections, we build a specific database filled with your DataHawk data hosted on Snowflake.
This database we provide is compatible with the full Snowflake ecosystem, and any tool that can connect to Snowflake is a supported destination.


Sending data to Business Intelligence tools

Here's a list of the most used BI tools with links to their respective setup documentation.

Sending data to Google Sheets

Snowflake doesn't have a direct connection to Gsheets possible (as of today). You can use third-party tools like HighTouch to send data to Destinations that our Snowflake database does not cover directly.
You can easily connect the DataHawk-Snowflake database to HighTouch and then automate a sync between HighTouch and Google Sheets dashboard. Here's the documentation for this kind of implementation.


Other tools

Note that this setup via a third-party tool can work for any tool that doesn't directly connect with Snowflake.

Sending data to your own database (Redshift, S3, etc.)

What’s Next