Connect your online marketplace data to your own Business Intelligence tools and build custom dashboards and reports.

What are destinations?

Desinations allow you to connect a dedicated DataHawk database to data tools in your ecosystem, granting you access to our rich data so that you could take your analysis in any direction. These tools include Power BI, Google Sheets, Excel, Snowsight, Looker, Tableau, and more.


How does it work?

When you add a destination, we build a specific database filled with your DataHawk data and hosted on Snowflake or BigQuery - depending on the destination. This database we provide is compatible with the full Snowflake ecosystem and all its comptable tools. See our supported destinations here.

What are the benefits of using destinations?

  • Export your eCommerce data directly to your current tools.
  • No need to learn new software - continue using what you are comfortable with.
  • Create custom visualizations tailored to your business's unique needs.
  • Enjoy clean data, custom metrics, and insights, at scale, from our very own data science team.
  • No more manual exports and tedious copy-pasting. We automate and simplify data analysis. Data is synced automatically on an hourly basis.

What kind of data will you be able to access?

All of the data you track on your DataHawk account through the app is also available with Destinations, including:

  • Tracked products and keywords (listings, sales ranks, organic ranks, sponsored ranks daily)
  • Seller Central account data (orders, profit & loss, financial events, traffic)
  • Vendor Central account data (revenue, financial events, traffic)
  • Advertising data (aggregated per account, campaign or product)
    Additionally, the data will be accompanied by custom-made KPIs (i.e., sales estimates, keyword search volume)

How to add a destination?

For this example, we will add a destination as a PowerBI user.

  1. Open the DataHawk app and navigate to the Destinations module via the sidebar. Once there, click on "Add Destination."

  2. You will be redirected to a destination selection page titled "Add Destination," wherein a list of all available destinations will be displayed. Click on the destination you are interested in. To know more about all available destinations, click here.

  3. This will bring you back to the Destinations page, with the destination of your choice added, showing an "Initializing" status. Initialization takes only a few minutes.

  4. Once the status is "Enabled," click on the destination to access the credentials page. On this page, you will see all the information regarding the newly created database we built, filled with your DataHawk data.

These credentials give you access to your newly created DataHawk database (hosted on Snowflake).

You may then go to the BI tool and connect to Snowflake using the newly created credentials.
Once connected, you will have access to all your DataHawk data on your favorite BI/dashboarding tool.

If you're using Destinations for business intelligence and analytics, be sure to check the the Reports Templates gallery, navigatable via the app sidebar, to find ready-to-use and customizable reports to analyze.