Learn what Destinations are and how to automatically sync your data into other applications.

DataHawk provides a data-syncing solution that allows you to automatically access your DataHawk data in third-party solutions called destinations.

Destinations are a turnkey and scalable way to extract data without the need to use an API and doesn't require writing code. It goes in many ways beyond a lot of limitations that APIs have.

The way destinations work is that when you create your first destination, we create a database that is hosted on a Snowflake cloud warehouse which we automatically maintain and manage for you.



Destinations enable you to store and consolidate your data in a central place, allowing you to easily merge it with other data sources, use it in your favorite BI solutions to build fully custom dashboards, access it in a database on a managed cloud warehouse, and much more.

Destination Types

There are various types of destinations you can create.

Some Destinations have their own subscription cost that is unrelated to DataHawk, others are free.

Business Intelligence Solutions

BI solutions facilitate the creation of custom data visualizations based on various data sources.

Examples of the most popular data visualization solutions DataHawk integrates with

DestinationThird-Party Software Cost
Microsoft Power BIFree version available for Windows, Power BI Pro is included in Microsoft 365 E5; else, it costs $9.99 to $13.70/per user/month
Looker StudioLooker Studio (Google Data Studio) is free
TableauTableau for creators costs $70/user/month, cheaper options are available for viewers
DomoDomo pricing is not public but is said to start at $83/user/month
MetabaseMetabase starts at $85/month with access for 5 users
Qlik SenseQlik Sense Business starts at $30/user/month
ThoughtSpotThoughSpot Team starts at $95/month for 5M rows
LookerLooker pricing is not public
TalendTalend pricing is not public
SisenseSisense pricing is not public

Excel and Google Sheets

DestinationThird-Party Software Cost
Excel$6.99/user/month with Microsoft 365
Google SheetsFree or $12/user/month

Cloud Warehouses

DestinationThird-Party Software Cost
SnowflakeDataHawk covers the cost up to a certain consumption
BigQueryDataHawk covers the cost up to a certain consumption

To host data on a database in other cloud warehouses such as Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Redshift, it is necessary to use an ETL solution.

ETL Solutions

ETL solutions allow the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from one source to a particular destination. In some way, destinations are an ETL solution focused on Amazon and Walmart data, with a more extensive data coverage on these eCommerce channels.

When DataHawk doesn't cover a given Destination, generic ETL solutions can help to push data from DataHawk to your desired Destination by using your DataHawk-powered Snowflake database as a source.

DestinationThird-Party Software Cost
FivetranStarting at $299 per million monthly active rows/month
HightouchFree plan, paid plans starting at $350/month
CensusFree plan, paid plans starting at $800/month

Other Solutions

DataHawk integrates with many other Destinations that you can browse through on the Add Destination page in the web application.

Adding a Destination

On the web application, go to the Destinations page, then click on Add Destination page and search for or select your desired Destination.

It will take a few minutes to a couple of hours for it to be fully synced. Once the sync is completed, click on it to access your database credentials. These credentials at what you will use to add your DataHawk-powered Snowflake database as a data source in the Destination you created.



Reach out to our team if you need assistance setting up a Destination. We provide dashboard customization services to help you create your dream custom dashboard on any BI solution.