Adding an Amazon Category as a Source means tracking the top 100 products listed on the Amazon Categories page once every day.

DataHawk collects information on these category pages and processes them to provide a way to monitor product sales rank accompanied by a more straightforward set of product details and metrics than the details acquired when tracking a product.

How do I add an Amazon Category?

To monitor a category, follow the setup guide here.

What data do we get when we track an Amazon Category?

For each category you track, DataHawk will provide you with a daily snapshot of these primary product attributes:

  • Category Name
  • Category Path
  • Top 100 Products
  • Bestseller Rank
  • Product price
  • Title
  • Star rating
  • Numbers of ratings, including reviews
  • A+ status
  • Product image URL
  • Estimated Sales

You can access the complete data we process for each Amazon Category you track through destinations.

What’s Next