Get a quick introduction to what DataHawk is and how it could help your eCommerce business.

DataHawk is a software platform that enables you to easily collect and analyze eCommerce data on Amazon and Walmart, and generate insights to help you improve performance.


DataHawk provides three products or solutions: Analytics, Intelligence, and Connections.



Our Intelligence product enables automating the detection of anomalies by our AI, getting recommendations from our AI assistant, and setting up alerts to be notified of critical events.



Our Connections product unlocks the ability to automatically sync the data we collect into third-party destinations, from a cloud database to Excel and BI solutions like Power BI and Google Data Studio, facilitating the building of fully custom dashboards that are automatically updated with fresh data.



DataHawk helps you

  • Save time spent on mundane data collection and consolidation tasks by automating it
  • Improve visibility through better reporting and a detailed understanding of your performance and competition
  • Prevent issues and protect your brand by staying alerted on events and automatically detecting anomalies
  • Generate optimization opportunities thanks to recommendations provided by our AI assistant
  • Improve performance by leveraging insights from the data collected and our recommendations
  • Customize reporting via dashboards you could build on any BI solution
  • Store and back up your data in a managed cloud warehouse with ready-to-use tables


Did you know?

Thanks to DataHawk, our customers report saving 16 hours a month by automating their data collection and consolidation, hence facilitating reporting. A study of a sample of DataHawk customers 6 to 12 months after subscribing shows a +31% improvement in ROAS and a +130% uplift in sales on a median basis.

Customers and Users

DataHawk is used by brands, aggregators, agencies, resellers, and data companies that operate on
Amazon and Walmart, notably by

  • Marketing teams, including SEO and PPC Analysts and Managers
  • Operations teams, including Brand Managers, eCommerce Managers, and
  • Finance teams, including Financial Analysts and Managers
  • Management, including eCommerce Directors and CEOs
  • Data teams, including data analysts

What’s Next