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DataHawk is a software platform that enables you to easily collect and analyze eCommerce data on Amazon and Walmart, and generate insights to help you improve performance.

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DataHawk helps you

  • Save time spent on mundane data collection and consolidation tasks by automating it
  • Improve visibility through better reporting and a detailed understanding of your performance and competition
  • Prevent issues and protect your brand by staying alerted on events and automatically detecting anomalies
  • Generate optimization opportunities thanks to recommendations provided by our AI assistant
  • Improve performance by leveraging insights from the data collected and our recommendations
  • Customize reporting via dashboards you could build on any BI solution
  • Store and back up your data in a managed cloud warehouse with ready-to-use tables


Did you know?

Thanks to DataHawk, our customers report saving 16 hours a month by automating their data collection and consolidation, hence facilitating reporting. A study of a sample of DataHawk customers 6 to 12 months after subscribing shows a +31% improvement in ROAS and a +130% uplift in sales on a median basis.

Customers and Users

DataHawk is used by brands, aggregators, agencies, resellers, and data companies that operate on
Amazon and Walmart, notably by

  • Marketing teams, including SEO and PPC Analysts and Managers
  • Operations teams, including Brand Managers, eCommerce Managers, and
  • Finance teams, including Financial Analysts and Managers
  • Management, including eCommerce Directors and CEOs
  • Data teams, including data analysts

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