Vendor Central Accounts

Amazon Vendor Central is an invitation-only platform that Vendors use to sell products directly to Amazon.

In the Setup section, you learned how to add your Amazon Vendor Central Accounts. DataHawk allows you to add an unlimited number of Vendor Central accounts you manage using Amazon's Selling Partner API .

Adding your Amazon Vendor Central account allows you to automatically collect data on critical metrics, including Sales, Product Margins, Inventory, and Traffic.

DataHawk integration works for Sellers registered in all Amazon regions:

  • North America: US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • Europe: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Sweden, and Poland.
  • Far East: Japan, Singapore, and Australia.



Solve Vendor Central's reporting limitations and facilitate data consolidation with DataHawk, a robust data storage solution for your critical business data, giving you full data ownership and advanced reporting capabilities


Metrics that result from integrating a Vendor Central account can be accessed in a raw format via destinations. This can notably be used to build dashboards on your favorite BI solution.


The list below highlights a very high-level summary of the currently available datasets on any destination.

All of the data listed below is available at both Account-level and ASIN-level.

  • Vendor's Revenue (Referred to as "Shipped COGS," as this is COGS from Amazon's perspective)
  • Amazon's Revenue (Referred to as "Shipped Sales" or "Ordered Sales," as these are sales from Amazon's perspective)
  • Units Sold
  • Returns
  • Product Margins
  • Product Page Views
  • Inventory
  • Demand Forecasts

List of Datasets

When you set up a destination, DataHawk provides you with a hosted database containing your Sources data. These tables contain a very exhaustive list of data points as columns and are organized into what are called schemas.

All data is available under the SELLING_PARTNER schema.

These datasets can notably be used to build dashboards on your favorite BI solution. Due to limitations with Amazon's API, these datasets contain data until 72 hours before the refresh. Data is refreshed daily.

Most of these tables have several variations available based on the Distributor View chosen. Moreover, most of these tables have a column indicating the Selling Program corresponding to each data point. The following are definitions of the different distributor views and selling programs available:

  • Distributor Views
    • Manufacturing - Includes all product's under the Vendor's brand, including those not sourced directly from their inventory.
    • Sourcing - Includes only products sourced directly from the Vendor's inventory.
  • Selling Program
    • Retail - The default selling program applicable to the vast majority of Vendor sales.
    • Fresh - Refers to Amazon Fresh, Amazon's online food shopping home delivery service.
    • Business - Refers to Amazon Business, which is specialized towards enterprises as buyers.

To see an exhaustive view of all columns within these tables, refer to our Table & Column Referential.

SELLING_PARTNERVENDOR_SALES_{VIEW}_SRCSales data including Vendor's Revenue (Shipped COGS), Amazon's Revenue (Sales), Units Sold, and Returns.
SELLING_PARTNERVENDOR_FORECASTING_SRCDemand Forecasts per ASIN provided on a weekly basis. Includes Mean, P70, P80, and P90 forecasts. A P70 forecast means that if the Vendor stocks up on the recommended about, there is a 70% chance of avoiding a shortage.



When you add a Vendor Central account, Amazon's API allows us to pull a maximum of 2 years of data. DataHawk, on the other hand, exhaustively stores and backs up your data, facilitating better reporting with a more extended history.

DataHawk will continue storing your data over time and allow you to export all of the history we stored.

Refresh Frequency & Data Delay

Data is updated daily. For Vendor Central data, there is a 72-hour delay between the data available and the day the data is retrieved/refreshed, due to limitations with Amazon's API.

Coming Soon

Vendor Central Support at DataHawk is still in development. New features will be released in the near future, such as more refined data, including added layers of intelligence in the context of the Vendor's full Amazon ecosystem (similar to our Seller Central Support).

We'd like to hear your input! If you have feedback and/or suggestions regarding Vendor Data, please drop them here: