Seller Name fields (Finance dataset)

All our finance datasets (and soon advertising datasets) now include three fields to help you filter data by seller name, each offering a different level of specificity.

These enhancements allow you to tailor how you filter your data: whether you want to view it for a specific marketplace, across a whole region, or regardless of location.

  • Seller Name (seller_name):
    • This is the name you provided when setting up your Amazon seller account.
    • It allows you to filter data by seller name across all marketplaces and regions, without being limited to a specific one.
  • Marketplace Seller Name (marketplace_seller_name):
    • This field combines your original seller name with the two-letter country code of each marketplace (e.g., US, FR, DE).
    • It's useful for filtering data specific to one marketplace. For example, if you operate in multiple marketplaces, each will have a distinct name in this format: “SellerName (FR)” for France, “SellerName (IT)” for Italy, etc.
  • Region Seller Name (region_seller_name):
    • Designed for filtering at the regional level, this field concatenates all unique seller names within a specific Amazon region.
    • Since Amazon Seller Account IDs are based on regions, this field lets you view all your data for a whole region (like Europe or North America) under a single combined seller name, such as "Seller01, Seller02, Seller03".

Here's what it would look like if you had several seller names for the same seller account. You can now choose on which level you want to filter your data.