Professional Services

While DataHawk pre-built templates offer comprehensive reporting capabilities, you might want to go further and build custom solutions that align more closely with your day-to-day operations and analytics needs.

What we do

Our Professional Services team assists you to build your dream solution. Examples of custom implementations that we can help with include:

  • DataHawk Templates customization: we tweak our available templates to answer your specific use cases.
  • Fully custom Dashboard: we build custom dashboards based on your requirements and on the BI tool of your choice.
  • Custom data integrations: we enable seamless data integration and tailored analytics across disparate data sources based on your specific needs.

How it works

Reach out to your Customer Success manager to share your use cases, goals, and requirements. The Professional Services team will engage with you to further understand and refine the deliverables. We will partner with you to design the best solution and map out a project plan that fits your timeline.

Get in touch

Contact us and let's start building the best solution for you and your team.