Pricing & Billing at DataHawk

DataHawk's pricing structure

At DataHawk, there are two components to pricing:

  1. Platform fee which is based on the your sales volume on Amazon.
  2. Credits fee which is based on the number of credits you are tracking (products, keywords, and categories)

1 keyword = 1 credit

1 product = 1 credit

1 category = 50 credits

What access does the platform fee cover?

The platform fee covers access to all of our software capabilities around automated data collection, storage, managed database, analytics, integrations, anomaly detection, and insights.

What are credits?

Credits are used to analyze and monitor, products, keywords, and categories. The number of credits needed can be increased or decreased at any time by our team upon your request.

Is there a fee associated with customization?

We provide pre-built dashboards on multiple areas such as Search & Content, Finance & Logistic, Advertising and Market Intelligence on Power BI.

Additional customization requirements are priced at a one-time cost depending on their complexities. Our Professional Services Team is here to guide you in your customization journey. Book a meeting with us to share your needs.

How to update your billing/payment information

To do so, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to the website

  2. Then Go to Settings

  3. Select Subscription & Billing

  4. Then, you can update your Billing information.

How to change my pricing? How to upgrade the number of keywords, products, and categories in my subscription?

If you want to:

  • Update your pricing/subscription; or
  • Track more/less keywords/products/categories than your subscription allows you to

Contact the Customer Success Team to review your changes together.