Apps is a collection of tools providing quick time-to-value and actionable knowledge on enhancing your business operations by setting up Alerts and receiving proactive notifications called Insights.

What are Alerts?

Alerts are notifications you can manually set up to automate the detection of product changes. They notify you of daily changes across different properties, such as listing details, reviews, ratings, Buy Box, and pricing. Email alerts are sent to you and your team based on specific triggers or changes across products you track in your workspace.

What are Insights?

Insights are proactive notifications that are based on automatic data exploration and surface anomalies or findings in your data. They cover all business domains, your ads, products, SEO performance, and market, and they are quick to set up, assuming that you provide us access to your advertising and sales data.

What are the benefits of using DataHawk apps?

  • Skip any data analysis you would have to run otherwise with automated notifications and timely access to relevant knowledge.
  • Stay informed about product changes using our pre-built alerts or tailor them to your needs with custom triggers.
  • Make sense of your business performance analytics with a suite of clean data collected via advanced algorithms.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on ongoing optimization efforts by assigning them Insights and updating task status.

What’s Next