General FAQs

Frequently asked questions.

Are Amazon Merchant-Fulfilled Orders supported?

We capture both Amazon FBA and Merchant Fulfilled Orders - FBA and FBM.

How much would DataHawk cost if I just wanted to track keyword ranking?

DataHawk's Pricing depends on the volume of keywords you want to monitor and your sales volume.

To know more about pricing, Book a meeting with our Sales Team.

Can I see all the products that my competitor sells at once in a category?

Yes you can see this using our Market Intelligence Dashboard which allows you to study listings, ranks, market share, etc. by brand. You can access this dashboard here.

How to use DataHawk to get conversion statistics for a product?

Conversion Statistics for a product tells how many people just viewed your product and how many people actually bought your product.

For getting these statistics, on our database, you can find in the SELLING PARTNER schema a table called SELLER_RETAIL_TRAFFIC_BY_SKU_SRC which provides traffic data for Seller accounts.

Similarly, for vendor accounts, in the SELLING PARTNER schema, customers can find a table called VENDOR_TRAFFIC_SRC which contains glance views. Customers can explore DataHawk's full dataset here.

Is keyword mining in reviews possible using DataHawk?

Keyword mining in reviews would involve capturing the content of reviews. At present, DataHawk provides you with data on the number of reviews but not the content of reviews. But if you are interested in keyword mining in reviews, please contact us. We would love to find a solution for your needs.

How is DataHawk useful for SEO?

The benefits of using DataHawk for SEO include:

  1. Easily collect and analyze eCommerce data on Amazon and Walmart.

  2. Generate insights to help improve performance.

  3. Cater to the needs of marketing teams, including SEO and PPC Analysts and Managers.

By using DataHawk, you can optimize your SEO strategy and enhance your online presence on major eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

What is the usual time for getting product and keyword data from Amazon and Walmart?

Getting data from Amazon and Walmart can take up to 24 hours.

How many times a day does DataHawk check a product/ASIN's information on Amazon?

We check a product/ASIN's information on Amazon once a day. It is usually between 12AM-6AM UTC.

The only exception is that when you add a new product for tracking, we immediately track its information. Thereafter it is 12AM-6AM UTC every day.

Using DataHawk, can we see "who" in my team made any change in our content listing?

You cannot see "who/which person" from your team made the changes in your listing using DataHawk. However, you can see "when" these changes were made.

Is DataHawk recognized under Amazon Service Provider Network (ASPN)?

No DataHawk is not recognized under Amazon Service Provider Network (ASPN).

Why does DataHawk show only 30 in the Buy box available quantity?

This is the maximum number that Amazon provides. Therefore, when you see Buy Box's available quantity as 30, it means that you have 30 or more units in your inventory.

With DataHawk, is it possible to analyze sales data at ASIN level?

Yes, you can analyze your sales and profitability on an ASIN level. You can also get estimated sales of competitors’ ASINs.

What does the message "product is offline" mean after I added products to track.

The message "product is offline" in your tracking means that the product you are tracking has gone offline. This could be due to various reasons, such as the listing being removed or other issues with the product's availability on the platform. Investigating the cause and resolving any issues is important to ensure your product is visible and available to customers.

Can Datahawk automatically update my products listings with AI?

At the moment, our AI Copywriter tool helps you to optimize your listing content by providing you an AI generated listing. You just have to add the URL of your listing and then our AI Copywriter will regenerate your listing content. Then you can copy the AI generated listing content (title, bullet points, description, etc.) and edit your original listing with our AI Copywriter suggested listing.

Where can I see all the archived/deleted products ?

To see all the archived/deleted products:

  1. Login to the web app

  2. Go to Sources. Select Products.

  3. On the Top Right Corner you can see “Archived Products”.

  4. Click on it. You will be able to see the list of all the archived products.

You can also “unarchive” the products from that list if you want to track them again.

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