Writable Database Service

DataHawk provides analytics on a managed database to its users, offering read access as part of its core services. However, some users may require write access to the database to add their data, tables, and views or perform other write operations. To cater to this need, DataHawk offers a service that allows users to gain write access to the database by creating a writable database with the necessary write permissions. This document explains how this service works and what you can do with write access.


Before you can proceed with gaining write access, make sure you have the following prerequisites in place:

  • Workspace with a managed Snowflake database: You must have an active DataHawk workspace and access to a Snowflake database provided by DataHawk.

How It Works

  1. Request Access: To obtain write access to your database, simply get in touch with our team. You will be assisted with the process.
  2. Writable Creation: DataHawk will create a writable database specifically for write operations. This database will be separate from your original one and have the appropriate write permissions.
  3. Credentials: DataHawk will provide credentials for the writable database. These credentials allow you to connect to and interact with the original and writable database.

What You Can Do

With write access to your writable database, you can:

  1. Add Your Data: You can add your data, tables, and views to the writable database. This allows you to integrate your data seamlessly with the existing database structure.
  2. Perform Write Operations: You can perform various write operations, including inserting, updating, and deleting records within your writable database.
  3. Data Integration: You can create custom data integration pipelines or ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to effectively consolidate and manage your data.
  4. Custom Views: Create custom views to analyze and visualize data from the original and writable databases, enabling comprehensive data analysis.
  5. Data Transformation: Apply data transformation and cleansing operations to ensure the quality and consistency of your data.
  6. Maintain Data Security: Implement best practices to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with data governance policies.



Database write access is a professional service customized to meet your use cases, goals, and requirements. Please reach out to our team for more details regarding pricing and how this service can best fit your needs.


Database Management

DataHawk hosts and manages the read-only database, guaranteeing its performance and security. However, please note that for the write-access database, DataHawk provides hosting services only and does not assume responsibility for its state or management. Users with write access to the writable database are responsible for its maintenance and integrity.


DataHawk's service for gaining write access to your managed Snowflake or BigQuery database offers you the flexibility to extend your database capabilities. By creating a writable database with write permissions, you can seamlessly integrate your data, perform write operations, and build custom views while maintaining read access to the original database. To initiate the process, don't hesitate to contact DataHawk's support team; they will assist you in setting up write access tailored to your specific needs.