Adding an Amazon Category as a Source means tracking the top 100 products listed on the Amazon Categories page once every day.

DataHawk collects information on these category pages and processes them to provide you with a way to monitor product sales rank accompanied by a simpler set of product details and metrics compared to the details acquired when tracking a product.

What features are enabled when you add an Amazon Category?

Adds Estimated Sales to Enhanced Reports:

  • Category Best Sellers
  • Category Best Selling Products

Adds Estimated Sales to Raw Data Exports:

  • Top 100 Selling Products

How do I add an Amazon Category?

To monitor a category, contact our team and share the category name and country.

What data do we get when we track an Amazon Category?

For each category you track, DataHawk will provide you with a daily snapshot of these primary product attributes:

  • Bestseller Rank
  • Product price
  • Title
  • Star rating
  • Numbers of ratings, including reviews
  • A+ status
  • Product image URL

You can access the complete data we process for each Amazon Category you track through Connections.

What’s Next