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Analytics Essentials is a one-size-fits-all dashboard on your end-to-end eCommerce needs built on Looker Studio. Find immediate insights on your product performance, search competition, advertising effectiveness, profitability, and more.

Use Cases

Study buy box drivers and trends

Control pricing and distribution

Analyze competition in search

Assess SEO performance

Plan content through Listing Quality Analysis

Assess sales performance

Study profitability at any scale

Assess SEO performance

Assess advertising performance

Inside the Dashboard







Profit & Loss

The Profit & Loss sections offer a hollistic and flexible view of your revenue and expense data. Study profitability of your accounts down to individual SKUs grouped by brands or tags. Summarize your reporting for a given time range or break it down to its daily history.

Profit & Loss - Overall

Displays your P&L re

Profit & Loss - History





Profit & Loss Metrics

Metrics as derived from the Product Profit & Loss Data Model documentation.

  • Earned Gross Sales: Earned sales in currency.
    • earned_gross_sales
  • Earned Orders: Number of earned orders made.
    • earned_orders
  • Earned Units Sold: Number of earned units sold.
    • earned_units_sold


Earned and Realized Sales

  • Earned metrics are reported upon customer order. This data matches the Sales
  • Realized metrics are reported upon collection of revenue. This data matches the P&L reporting from Amazon and is referenced in calculating other P&L metrics as described below.
  • Gross Sales: Realized sales in currency.
    • gross_sales
  • Gross Units Sold: Realized sales in units.
    • units_sold
  • Average Selling Price: Average price of units sold.
    • gross_sales / units_sold
  • Gross Sales Growth: Growth rate of gross sales.
    • (Current period gross_sales - Previous period gross_sales) / Previous period gross_sales
  • Weight in Gross Sales: Share of total gross sales for the filtered selection.
    • gross sales over the sum of gross_sales for the period
  • Refunded Units: Refunds among gross units sold.
    • reimbursed_product_unit
  • Return Rate: Rate of rufunded units to gross units sold.
    • reimbursed_product_unit / units_sold
  • Net Units Sold: Gross units sold net of refunded units.
    • gross_units_sold - reimbursed_product_unit
  • Refunds: Refunds among gross sales.
    • reimbursed_product
  • Net Sales: Gross sales net of refunds in currency.
    • gross_sales + reimbursed_product + reversal_reimbursed
  • CoGS: Costs of goods sold sourced and processed from user-provided product expenses. The expenses are multipled by net units sold.
    • net_cogs
  • Referral Fees: Marketing fees paid to referrers.
    • total_referral_fees consisting of:
      • referral_fee + refund_commission + refunded_referral_fees
  • Warehousing Costs: Incurred costs relating to product storage.
    • total_warehousing_costs consisting of:
      • dist_disposal_complete + dist_inbound_transportaion + dist_removal_complete + dist_fba_storage_fee + dist_fba_inventory_placement_service + warehouse_damage + warehouse_lost_manual + restocking_fee
  • Shipping Costs: Incurred costs relating to transport from warehouse to customer.
    • total_shipping_costs consisting of:
      • fba_per_unit_fulfilment_fee+shipping+shipping_chargeback+reimbursed_shipping+refund_shipping_chargeback+ refund_shipping_promotion + shipping_promotion
  • Other Amount: Other costs reported by Amazon.
    • dist_other_amount
  • Gross Profit: Net sales net of CoGS, referrals, warehousing, and shipping.
    • net_sales + cogs + total_referral_fees + total_shipping_costs + total_warehousing_costs + dist_other_amount
  • Gross Margin: Rate of gross profit to gross sales.
    • gross_profit / net_sales
  • Advertising Costs: Total advertising costs.
    • total_advertising_costs consisting of:
      • sponsored_products_cost + dist_sponsored_brands_cost + dist_sponsored_brands_video_cost + dist_sponsored_display_cost
  • Advertising Sales: Total advertising sales.
    • total_advertising_sales consisting of:
      • sponsored_products_sales + dist_sponsored_brands_sales + dist_sponsored_brands_video_sales + dist_sponsored_display_sales
  • RoAS: Return on Ad Spend in currency.
    • total_advertising_sales / total_advertising_costs
  • ACoS: Advertising Cost of Sales as a rate.
    • total_advertising_costs / total_advertising_sales
  • TRoAS: Total Return on Ad Spend in currency.
    • gross_sales / total_advertising_costs
  • TACoS: Total Advertising Cost of Sales as a rate
    • total_advertising_costs / gross_sales
  • Contribution Profit I: Direct profitability on products sold.
    • gross_profit + total_advertising_costs
  • Contribution Margin I: The rate of profitability of products in relation to their selling price.
    • contribution_profit_one / net_sales
  • Other Marketing Costs: A total of remaining marketing related costs.
    • total_other_marketing_costs consisting of:
      • promotion + refund_promotion+gift_wrap + goodwill + gift_wrap_chargeback + subscription_fee
  • Taxes on Sales: A total of sales costs.
    • total_taxes_on_sales consisting of:
      • tax_principal + tax_shipping + tax_reimbursed + tax_other
  • Contribution Profit II: A broader measure of profitability net of sales taxes and other marketing costs.
    • contribution_profit_one + total_taxes_on_sales + total_other_marketing_costs
  • EBITDA: A measure of overall performance, equivalent to Contribution Profit II.
    • contribution_profit_two
  • EBITDA Margin: The broader rate of profitability of products in relation to their selling price indicating sales efficiency.
    • EBITDA / net_sales


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