Adding an Amazon Product as a Source means tracking data related to its Amazon product listing page.

DataHawk collects information on these product pages and processes them to provide you with product details and metrics. This allows you to follow changes in key product details like ratings, sales rank, sales, and buy box ownership.

Combined with Amazon Keywords, you can monitor the changes in the rankings of your tracked products.

What features are enabled when you add an Amazon Product?


  • Products
  • Listing

Tools to Analyze a Product:

  • Metrics
  • Sales Ranks
  • Buy Box
  • Listing
  • Keywords Ranks
  • Keywords Lookup
  • Keywords Generator
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Annotations

Enhanced Reports:

  • Tracked ASINs Keyword Ranks History (requires added keywords)
  • Most-Occurring Words in PDPs Benchmark

Raw Data Exports:

  • Tracked Products List
  • Single Product Data

How do I add an Amazon Product?

Learn how to add Amazon Products as Sources.

An Amazon Product can be added using three methods:

  • by URL - enter one or several URLs, separated by commas or by pasting one per line.
  • by ASIN - enter one or several ASINs, separated by commas or one per line.
  • by search result - enter a search term, and the top results from the corresponding marketplaces will be tracked automatically. [coming soon]



Adding a product by search result allows you to select a keyword you've tracked to automatically keep adding the products listed in the top results page to your added products list up to a selected number of results per day.

What data do we get when we track an Amazon Product?

For each product you track, DataHawk will provide a daily snapshot of the main attributes such as:

  • brand
  • title
  • description
  • bullet items
  • product image
  • number of media
  • the product's price
  • stars rating
  • numbers of ratings, including reviews
  • the number of Sellers competing for the Buy Box
  • displayed categories and corresponding best seller ranks
  • its group ASIN
  • number of variations
  • A+ status
  • out-of-stock status
  • and many more...

We further include these computed metrics:

  • its Estimated Monthly Sales
  • a Competitiveness Score
  • and a Listing Quality Score

You can access the complete data we process for each Amazon Product you track through destinations.

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