Tags Updates and Projects Deprecation

Projects to Tags Migration Changes

In an effort to simplify and unify our features, we have replaced the concept of "projects" with "tags." All existing project filters are now tag filters. Additionally, the original projects are still accessible under tags, labeled as "original_name" + "(from projects)" for clarity.

In-App and Dashboard Changes

Tag filters: Users will now find all their project filters replaced with tag filters, providing a consistent and streamlined filtering experience.
Projects to tags: Existing projects are listed under tags, ensuring users can seamlessly access their familiar projects even after the transition.


There are no more project filters or project pages. These are replaced by tags filters and tags pages which include any previously created projects.

How do I filter products or keywords with tags?

  1. Go to either the Products or Keywords pages in Sources.
  2. Add a Tags filter.
  3. Select the tags you would want to filter products or keywords to.

How do I tag products or keywords?

When adding products or keywords:

  1. Begin selecting the products or keywords you want to add then proceed to the next step.
  2. Optionally tag the products or keywords. You can create new tags or select previously created tags and projects.

By going to the tags page:

  1. From either the Products or Keywords pages in Sources, click "View Tags".
  2. On this page, you can view, create, rename, or delete your tags.


In old dashboard or report template versions where a project filter or column may be present, you'll find all tags and previously created projects in the list. Tags and projects filters and values will be functionally identical.

If you are not able to see projects in a dashboard with a project visual. Please try the following:

  • Try a manual data refresh from your workspace page (first screenshot)

  • Try a visual refresh from the report

  • Try a reset of all filters from the report (also in the above image)

Public API Updates

Introduction of Tag Endpoints: We have introduced new endpoints to support tags (/v1/tags/) in the Public API.

Original projects endpoints (/v1/projects/) remain unchanged. Importantly, the projects endpoints will now return the original projects alongside tags, maintaining backward compatibility. Customers can continue using the existing projects endpoints until they are ready to migrate to the new tags endpoints. Project description will just be ignored if passed as a parameter.

Data Updates

Mirroring Projects and Tags: To prevent disruptions in existing dashboards, we have mirrored all tags and projects in both the projects and tags tables in sharing. This ensures a smooth transition for users who are accustomed to the previous project structure.
Display of New Tags: Whenever a customer creates a new tag, it will be displayed under both tags and projects. This provides flexibility and allows users to adapt to the new tag system at their own pace.
Introduction of Tag Columns: To facilitate a gradual transition, we have introduced tag_count, tag_name and tag_id columns alongside the existing project_count, project_name and project_id columns. This allows users to start using tags while maintaining compatibility with the older project structure.